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Project "Badminton vs Radicalization"

Call for proposal 2017 Execution 2017

The duration of this project has been one year. The project has been developed through the realization of a sports competition and two more creative ones: Badminton League, Logo and T-shirt design competition of the project and Photography competition. The prize for the project was a trip to Brussels to visit the European institutions. 

The aim of the project is to prevent the radicalisation of young people in Parla (Madrid Region) through sport while organising workshops aimed at promoting integration, diversity, cultural understanding, commitment and gender equality.


The activities have been: Badminton League from February to June, a competition to design the logo and t-shirt for the project, a photography competition, a prize for a trip to Brussels in June and, finally, dissemination days for the project from September to December and a Badminton Marathon in December.


The Badminton League took place in Parla (Madrid), organised in three categories:

-Under-15 category (≦14 years)

-Category U17 (≦16 years)

-Under 19 category (≦18 years)

For each category, mixed pairs have been formed randomly, with one day of training and one day of competition each week. The league days took place on the premises of the local partner institutes. At the end of the league, a play-off round was held in each category. The play-off rounds were played in the last week of the tournament.


In the design competition the participants had to create a logo and T-shirt design for the project, which appeared throughout the process of disseminating the sporting activities and choosing the T-shirt that was handed out at the end of the championship. Each couple has created their own logo and equipment design. The duration of the competition was 1.30 hours to create the logo and equipment. The winner was chosen by the participants themselves through vote. These designs have been sent to the association which, as coordinator, was in charge of buying and printing the T-shirts for the competition.


The other competition consisted of choosing a photograph, in which each couple presented two photographs taken by themselves, representing the values of tolerance, inclusion and equality promoted by the project. Once the photographs had been submitted, they were voted by all the participants.


The prize for the project was a trip to Brussels to visit the European institutions. Five couples travelled, 10 young people in total, at the beginning of September.


At the same time, workshops have been held in which different dynamics have been worked on to support the processes of de-radicalisation. The topics dealt with in the workshops were: cultural diversity, dreams and future perspectives, gender equality, social networks and detection of radicalisation, among others.


As for the final part of the project, between September and December 2018, several project dissemination days have been held in each of the collaborating institutes. In the institutes participating in the project, a talk on the prevention of radicalisation in Europe has been organised thanks to the collaboration of the expert police and the authorities of Parla. In addition to this talk, videos summarising the project (the championship and the workshops) and the experience of the winners were shown in Brussels.


As the final event of the project, a Conference on the Prevention of Radicalisation has been organised for professionals from the educational and social fields, together with the organisation of a mixed double badminton marathon in which anyone who registers can participate. The dissemination of the Conference has been carried out among Educational Centres, Town Councils, Youth Centres and Sports Clubs in the southern area of the Community of Madrid.

The most important results have been a greater involvement of the participants in the project at a global level, the promotion of a "feeling of belonging" to the team and the development of "sharing" that has matured during each activity. The intention was to give 10 young people the opportunity to get to know one of the central cities of the European Union and the various European institutions, especially to get to know the entity that has made it possible for this project to develop.

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The BADMINTON VS RADICALIZATION project was born thanks to AIDEJOVEN's experience in the development of integration and tolerance projects in school contexts in the Community of Madrid. This project is part of a wide range of initiatives by AIDEJOVEN that comply with one of the founding values of our organisation, which is to promote equality between all people, developing projects and programmes aimed at preventing discrimination for any reason: birth, race, sex, religion or personal and social condition.

Delivery Diplomas and Awards League and

Delivery Diplomas and Awards League and

Delivery Diplomas and Awards League and

Delivery Diplomas and Awards League and

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