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Project "Ent4NEET"

Call for proposal 2020 Execution: 2021-2023

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The project is the result of collaboration between 5 youth organizations from Slovenia, Poland, Sweden, Italy and Spain. The aim is to promote the exchange of good practices among youth organizations through training courses for youth leaders and trainers dealing with the development of competencies of NEETs, young people aged 16-29 who are neither studying nor working. The project contributes to improve the set of transversal competencies useful to better face the world of work for young people.
The project will involve a total of 20 youth educators and 50 young people from Slovenia, Poland, Sweden, Italy and Spain (aged 16-29) in training courses, workshops, company visits and internships locally and abroad (in Sweden and Spain).

The main objective of the project is to stimulate entrepreneurship and communication skills, integration and active citizenship of young people, especially NEETs and those affected by other economic/social/cultural/geographical disadvantages, enriching the tools of youth educators through an education and training model that can be easily replicated and transmitted to different economic sectors and territories.

The project is divided into four phases. During the first phase, a survey on the transversal competencies most in high demand in the labor market was carried out with the participation of more than 150 companies and, in particular, human resources managers and managers working in the partner countries, in order to identify the competencies most in-demand in the profiles of young job seekers. The next two stages of the project will consist of a joint short-term training "Education for entrepreneurship: tools for youth workers" in Sweden and five training courses for NEET, in order to exchange knowledge and approaches on self-entrepreneurship education for vulnerable young people and to test the contents, approaches and tools of the Guide. 

The last phase of the project is a combined youth mobility "Entrepreneurship Education for NEETs", consisting of a transnational training course organized in Spain and involving young NEETs from Slovenia, Poland, Sweden, Italy and Spain.

In addition, a Guide for teachers, educators and trainers in the youth field will be developed, the tool contains the results of the country reports, a set of guidelines and practices for innovative training in entrepreneurship education. 

Ent4Neet intends to carry out an exchange of good practices among youth organizations to launch a pilot course accompanied by a Guide aimed at youth workers who, at different levels, are involved in the education of young people. The exchange of good practices, the identification and involvement of target groups, the Guide containing the soft skills report sought by the labor market and innovative forms of entrepreneurship education will be the main outputs of Ent4Neet.


The project "Dream, Believe, Achieve" reflects one of the founding values of AIDEJOVEN, which is to promote youth development. Giving young entrepreneurs the possibility to acquire the necessary tools to make their projects a reality generates a strong impact on youth. Young people's self-esteem is consolidated. It is important to underline the international value of the project since AIDEJOVEN supports the implementation of projects and programs of cooperation for development and co-development between different countries.

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