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Who we are

AIDEJOVEN - International Alliance for Youth Development, is constituted as an NGO in order to promote equality among all people, developing projects and programs aimed at preventing discrimination for any reason: birth, race, sex, religion or personal and social condition, as reflected in the Spanish constitution, as well as in the implementation of projects and programs of cooperation for development and co-development in countries with low per capita income and extreme poverty.

We support a socially responsible economic model, through the formation and implementation of initiatives that promote the care of the environment and sustainable development.


We are also an ACCREDITED TRAINING CENTER for the Community of Madrid and managed by professionals in the social field. We have a long history in training programs and projects and we are specialists in new educational methodologies.


Maria Eugenia Larraín Alba

General Coordinator

Professional with extensive experience in the design, management and coordination of projects in the national and European social field. At the national level he has been mainly responsible for the development of socio-educational intervention programs, employment and entrepreneurship. Currently general coordinator of the Training Center for Employment accredited by the Community of Madrid with code 28037.

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Regina Mayans de la Morena 

Head of Studies / Trainer

Diploma in Social Work. Master in Coaching and Master in Conflict Resolution. Certificate of habilitation of Adviser and Evaluator. From 2014 to the present I collaborate with different companies, training (AideJoven, AideFormación, Adefis, Cefoim, ADF, EAGE) preparing and developing the content of the classes, tutoring, preparing exams, exercises, activities, etc.

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Catherine Lesmes Gonzalez

Training Coordinator

Training in Certificate of Professionalism Activities Administrative Management. Responsible for customer service, management of training and coordination with public administration.


Luz Díaz Pérez

Administrative assistant

Training in Certificate of Professionalism Auxiliary Operations of Administrative and General Services.
Attention to users, maintenance and support in administrative tasks.

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Dianet Montero Velasquez

Project Technician

Labor Counselor -  Psychologist

Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Science, Itinerary in Teaching of Physical Education, at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (INEF). Lifeguard and Swimming Monitor. Master's Degree in Teacher Training in Physical Education at the Complutense University of Madrid. I am responsible for European Sport Projects in AIDEJOVEN

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Rachel Corrales Garcia

Administrative Accounting

Superior Degree Secretariat of Management and Superior Degree of Financial Accounting  at the University of ETEO.

Quality Certificate and LOPD implementation

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Diana Goez


Project Technician


Degree in psychology
Psychosocial Interventions Specialist
Master in Mediation and Social Intervention

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Laura Galvez Jimenez 

Project Technician


Degree in Pedagogy and Diploma in Social Education.

Training in Chiromassage.

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Lucrezia palladini

Project Technician  European

Degree in Political Science and International Relations in Bologna. 
Master in Political Science in Brussels.  Currently a Master's degree student in International Solidarity Action and Social Inclusion in Madrid.


Rosana Fernandez Valdeolivas


Auxiliary Nursing Care Technician Degree in English Studies, Language Literature and Culture.

Complementary training:

Management of Care Services for the Elderly. Union of Cooperatives Madrileña.

Certified Trainer Healthcare Attention to Dependents in Social Institutions. Auxiliary team supervisor.


Abigail Caballero Lopez


Degree in Social Work.

Senior Technician in Social Integration.

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Carmen Martin Martin


Nursing Auxiliary Care Technician

Professional Family Trainer in Health and Sociocultural Services

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Maria Paz Ramos Tirado


Master's Degree in Educational Innovation and Research. Master in Emotional Intelligence. Mindfulness certificate. Degree in Psychopedagogy. Diploma in Music Education. Superior Technician of Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory. Professor FP Training Cycle Higher Degree in Early Childhood Education. Teacher Certificate of Professionalism Health Care for Dependents in Social Institutions.

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Rachel Martin Lopez 


Mindfulness educator for children and adolescents with university accreditation from Miguel Cervantes University

Title NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) By the center


Nuria González Romo


Degree in Psychology and Diploma in Social Education.

Adviser, evaluator and trainer in certificates of professionalism of the social health branch.

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