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Project "Automotive Experience Italy"

Call for proposal 2017 Execution 2017

This project has been set up to jointly carry out the mobility of students who will develop their multidisciplinary internships in the automotive field specifically in Vasto - Italy and with the collaboration of our partner POLARIS FORMAZIONE - Vocational Training Centre, with years of experience in training programs and participation in European programmes.

The main objectives of the projects are:

1)Internationalisation of the teaching method of the institutes involved, specifically Europeanisation by involving the educational community in these experiences. Contributing to the development of the European spirit, European citizenship. 

2) Increase of technical and professional knowledge and capacities more in line with the labour market by means of international and local firms. 

3) Increasing the language skills of students of the participating schools. 

4) Development of more efficient channels of communication and contact between training, education and business institutions. Contributing to improve the relationship between training and work. 

5) Increasing the employability of our students at the end of their studies. 

6) Increasing the motivation of students for their studies, and of teachers for a more realistic teaching practice more in line with the needs of the labour market. We want to reduce drop-out rates by contributing to lifelong learning.

 The main activities of the students have been: the internship experience, the Italian course and the multicultural and leisure activities designed by the host organisation.

Italian language diploma signed by AIDEJoven and POLARIS FORMAZIONE with an accreditation in hours of the training carried out both online through the Duolingo platform and in classroom in Vasto. The Europass certificate. Get to know first hand how they work in other European centres, live an incredible cultural experience and establish friendship between them and other Italian people they have met on their journey. Language Certificate OLS (Online Linguistic Support), which issues a certificate with the level of language achieved. Certificate of Participation in the project issued by the coordinator of the consortium where a summary of the activity and the competences acquired are included. Certificate of Professional Practice issued by the internship companies.

The project promotes AIDEJOVEN's main objectives in the field of employment by increasing the employability of people between 16 and 64 years old. In the field of education by promoting educational continuity in students and the completion of their studies. And in the sector of poverty and social exclusion through an increase in the quality of life of students in Secondary Education Institutes with a population characterised by a situation of special vulnerability and risk of social exclusion.

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