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Project " Re-engage"

Call for porposal 2015 Execution: 2015 -  2017


It is a project that aims to offer alternative solutions to tackle school absenteeism and youth unemployment and to contribute to the reduction of the number of low-skilled adults in working life, as well as the dissemination of proposals to entities and administrations to improve the capacity of professionals and public officials in each partner country. Innovative pedagogical methodologies have been used to achieve adequate training and subsequent social and labour insertion of young people at risk of social exclusion.

The aim of the project is to achieve a decrease in school absenteeism, as well as a reduction in early school leaving by implementing new educational methodologies in schools. The target group of intervention is students in the second cycle of primary and first cycle of secondary education. 

During the project, two training courses were held (in Spain and Malta) for teaching specialists from all the partner countries, to show them the new methodologies and the TUI tool, which were subsequently implemented in the 5 schools participating as partners in the project. The new methodologies that will be worked on in the project are the "Theory of Multiple Intelligences", developed by the Belgian partner, Institut Sainte Marie de Châtelineau and "Cooperative Learning", implemented by the Association International Alliance for the Development of Spain.  The "TUI technological tool" has been created by the project leader, the List Institute in Luxembourg. The basic idea is to improve the professional orientation of profesors and educational institutions, to young people in the most vulnerable situations; to promote and support open educational resources in various languages (8) ; to develop professional orientation tools, improving digitalization; to promote the professional development of education personnel in ICT, a working tool aimed at formal and non-formal education; to develop and maintain an educational portal as a learning tool and the creation of a guide "New educational methodologies and strategies to prevent early school leaving".​

Through the project "RE-ENGAGE" the partner schools will apply in their countries (Luxembourg, Belgium, Latvia and Malta) innovative educational methodologies, promoting various cognitive skills of students. After an assessment of the students with problems and their skills, teachers can define how and when to use these new methodologies included in the project, choosing between cooperative learning, multiple intelligences and tangible user interfaces. The news is that the student is the protagonist. They become actors, builders of knowledge. They commit themselves in a responsible way, their energy increases, their intelligence frameworks grow.  The most important objective has been to work to achieve, develop and incorporate new educational methodologies and tools for socio-educational intervention through teacher training, sharing good practices and experiences of participatory organizations and disseminating the results in public institutions capable of implementing these new methodologies in the educational systems of their countries.​

Among various objectives, AIDEJOVEN aims to find new educational methodologies to promote Tolerance and Integration, as well as the prevention of school failure. The "Re-Engage" project represents one of the actions that includes the training of teachers and youth workers in new educational strategies through non-formal education and lifelong learning. The need for adaptation to new technologies, programming, robotics and domotics among young people and digital literacy among adults is another of our priority objectives. Thanks to the experience we have acquired over the years in the development and implementation of different projects at national and European level we can offer specialized training aimed at institutions, schools, vocational training centres and companies.

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