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Project "Europe - Social Action in Vocational Training"

Call for proposal 2014 Execution: 2015-2019

The project offers to students specialized in technical education, especially the ones with less opportunities, the possibility of realizing professional internships in a real international environment tutored by experts, in Italy and Germany. All this thanks to the selection of the companies, provided with the best equipment, instruments, tools and technology, which will ensure that the students can realize their internship in the best conditions and thus improve their professional skills.

The objectives of the project are:

1. The improvement of skills for the future employment of the students, offering them an international dimension in the development of their professional activity. The capacity to compare methods of intervention, the development of skills for teamwork, the search for excellence and different management models.
2. In their private sphere, the students can acquire life experience, which helps them to develop a sense of responsibility, time organization, promotes their autonomy, self-esteem, empathy and companionship, in short their social skills.
3. Promoting the possibility for the students to discover other cultures, improving their language skills in a foreign language as well as their intercultural skills, understanding and tolerance of differences.
4. Through the consortium and a common effort between all the partners, to facilitate the creation of a network of European companies for the implementation of the quality of the internships.
5. A better internationalization of educational centres and a trained teaching staff capable of incorporating new methodologies and knowledge.

The main activities of the students have been: the internship experience, the Italian language course and the multicultural and leisure activities organized by the host organisation.

Italian language diploma signed by AIDEJoven and POLARIS FORMAZIONE with an accreditation in hours of the training carried out both online through the Duolingo platform and in classroom in Vasto. The Europass certificate. Get to know first hand how they work in other European centres, live an incredible cultural experience and establish friendship between them and other Italian people they have met on their journey. Language Certificate OLS (Online Linguistic Support), which issues a certificate with the level of language achieved. Certificate of Participation in the project issued by the coordinator of the consortium where a summary of the activity and the competences acquired are included. Certificate of Professional Practice issued by the internship companies.

The most direct and visible impact of this project is on the participants . These young people will participate in a serious and well-structured mobility experience, in companies that will allow them to broaden their horizons and learn about the practice of what has been mainly theoretical until now. In other words, the impact on the students will be personal as well as professional development. Personal development comes from the fact that most of these young people have probably never had the possibility to travel abroad, even to spend time away from their families. Initially this will force them out of their comfort zone, but on the other hand they will gain a life experience abroad, in which they will have to take care of many more aspects themselves than they are used to under normal circumstances. The professional development of the students is the main interest of AIDEJOVEN, which is why the project has been running for 4 years. 

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